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Once a teacher, always a teacher.
I left my high school teaching career to explore being a creative business owner, and I keep finding myself teaching groups of people eager to better themselves.

Want to hear more about what I love to teach?

Hello And Welcome

Hello And Welcome

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Once a teacher, always a teacher.
I left my high school teaching career to explore being a creative business owner, and I keep finding myself teaching groups of people eager to better themselves.

Want to hear more about what I love to teach?


Apparently it is a genetic thing, after a few years of having a foot in both the classroom and creative business world, I found myself leading workshops, making digital courses and now speaking to educate and inspire those eager to learn.

No matter how hard I try, I keep finding myself teaching.

Learn more about the topics I enjoy diving into with other creative business owners and photographers.

My story

I spent ten years teaching high school students. I would lead young adults through Creative Writing, Mythology, Drama, British Literature, American Literature, Speech and Debate, Journalism and Photography. There were also other titles like "Varsity Swim Coach" and "Dance Team Director" and later in life, wife then my favorite: mom. Any educator will tell you, teaching is the best part, all the extra hours can be tiresome, but the pay, that is the worst. I started shooting and growing my photography business when I got pregnant and realized we couldn't afford much. How hard could it be to start a photography business? Turns out the photo part was easy, but the business part took time, tears, and a lot of searching Google for help. After 7 years of doing both teaching and photography, I was making more money shooting weddings than teaching the language arts. I took council with my financial advisor and business coach and made the jump to full time photographer in 2020. 

High Schoolers kept me young, but business is my love language.

Recent Speaking Engagements

You should always be learning. When I learn, I seem to also want to share and bring people along for the ride. Teaching comes natural, so does making people laugh. How about you email me if you want to laugh and learn more about me!

I Believe

Jumping into a world of possibility can be really exciting and full of smiles, but when your livelihood depends on the success of those possibilities, you can feel nauseous. During this session attendees will hear my story of preparing to go full time into photography, see some of my budgeting techniques, and how no matter how I planned, COVID shook it all up. Hear my story and tips so that you can feel more confident in your path to full time, or choice to stay part time. Come, get clarity so that if now is not the time, you will know when the time comes.
Plan: 5 questions to have clarity about going “Full Time”
  1. How much money do you need to make?
  2. Are you prepared for a mindshift?
  3. Can you lean on other pillars of income in photography?
  4. Do you have support from your circle?
  5. What needs to change?

I am ready to go full time? - From a question to a statement.

Do you feel like you are throwing content to the media outlets and praying it sticks? Do you hope you are using the correct social platform to attract your ideal clients? Let me share with you how I use Google Analytic data to design my social media plan. I now know that Instagram is where my booking clients are located and why I create content made for Instagram that can be shared through my lower ranking media platforms. I am not afraid to “fire” the under performing platforms and to keep around those that perform. Remove the emotions and read the data, social media should be working for you, not requiring useless hours from you. Attendees will leave with a better understanding of Google Analytics, how to spot success in their social media platforms, and how to plan out content to help grow business avenues. 

Treat your social media like an employee, not a friend.

When the timeline catches fire and the planner gets pushy, my team gets the job done. I am eager to share with you how I can fill a bride + groom portrait gallery with as little as 30 minutes. I have 4 key poses that can be done in three locations and offer album worthy spreads. I have been pleased with how fast I can find peace in my gallery options after just 30 minutes. I will teach my key 4 poses, and how I find locations that offer versatile options and how I prepare my couples to work fast, and how not to be flustered. Attendees will leave this session with confidence in any timeline situation and four new poses and camera techniques to try at their next wedding. 

30 Minutes to get the Bride + Groom Portraits. Prepare with pride, not panic! 

Working mothers comprised nearly a third of the female workforce in the United States in 2020. I actually started my business during my maternity leave to try and supplement our income. While learning to cope with the expectations of motherhood, my career, and my relationships I found myself failing at everything. The biggest fail seemed to be on the face of my kids. According to a survey by the Center for American Progress half of U.S. families report difficulty finding child care. Women reported making job decisions based on child care considerations rather than in the interest of their financial situation or career goals. 2020 brought on changes for so many families, mine included. In order to be successful, I had to make changes. Did I call my mom in tears while trying to homeschool, teach virtually, help clients reschedule, and stay emotionally strong for my family? Yes, yes I did. I learned a lot about myself in motherhood, and even more in how to find peace in all my titles. Join me as I share five ways to embrace making motherhood work, at home and in the professional world. 

Making Motherhood Work: A creative outlook on our greatest project. 

There are levels of protection in a creative business. Having them all helps owners sleep better at night, and grow faster. Think about your contracts, your legal business formation, and the insurance you carry. Something that has given me the confidence to take creative leaps in my business is my amazing insurance agent, who moonlights as my hot husband. Creative business owners need to protect their equipment, liability, and income. Often, a false sense of full protection comes when only protecting your equipment, this is actually only a drop in the water when it comes to protecting your hard work and business. Come learn from Amanda, a full time photographer and Ben, her amazing insurance agent husband as they discuss the real needs creative businesses should be protecting. Attendees will walk away from this session with a better understanding of the insurance needed to be fully protected, an action plan on how to find an insurance agent, and an insurance check list.

The insured creative, keeps creating.

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